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Laughter: The Universal Antidote. How Beautiful is that! Posted in Perreault Magazine

What is truly miraculous is that all humans have a universal vocal sound that is innately understood by every race and nationality; a language that transcends philosophy, religion, culture and age. It is a communication directly from the Heart expressing our Divinity. We surrender to any resistance, as it spontaneously explodes “out of the blue” from deep inside of our belly. There is zero lost in the interpretation or the experience of the Joy one feels when this Miracle takes place. The sacredness of Pure Love, the “Language of the Cosmos,” holds the power to transform human suffering, despair and disease. Every living cell in our body is nurtured by its’ healing vibrations.
It was the Ancient Hawaiians who embraced this “Voice of God,” as the chemistry of immortality that balances and heals:

 Laughter: The Universal Antidote. How Beautiful is that!

Beyond the Mind

 Laughter is a human attribute as innate and natural as breathing. It is a Heart–Body connection and manifestation of the state of “Authentic Joy.” Raising the body’s vibrational resonance through the expression of Divine Energy is Humankind’s highest pursuit.

Our mental mind employs reason, which is derived from a linear perspective; where as “true laughter” is child-like and playful, stemming from the abstract. Humor is intellectual and mind based, Joy lives in the Heart. Preschool children laugh an average of 400 times a day. The typical adult only laughs 17 times per day.
Perhaps it’s time to return to the power of living life through the wonderment of

child-like adventure, innocence, allowing, trusting and lightheartedness.

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