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Human Energy Field and DNA by Cell Biologist and Visionary - Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

 Human Energy Field and DNA

Albert Einstein believed we are “Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational
Universe. Our world as we experience it is Actually a world of Frequency.” AndNikola Tesla, world recognized electrical engineer, physicist, and visionary stated: “If you wish to understand the Universe, think Energy, Frequency and Vibration.” Our thoughts and perceptions translate into Vibrational Frequencies. The expression of our DNA is primarily determined by these frequencies generated and based on the way we view ourselves, our thoughts and beliefs as
well as our environment.
The discovery that the atom was actually made up of vibrating energy, rather than just physical particles, completely transformed our core belief systems about our world, the Universe and
All Beings have an energy field that surrounds each cell and extends out from
the body as a morphogenetic field, commonly termed the “Aura.” Our DNA receives and transmits signals, in the form of vibrational information, based on its “reading” our energy fields. The DNA interprets and interacts directly with the information within our unified energy field and communicates functional instructions to the appropriate genes based on the environment it reads. Illness is the disconnection from our spiritual/energetic self. When your energetic field becomes imbalanced and out of alignment with Creation, as when fear or conflict is perceived, it is charged with low-energy vibrations that compromise the Harmony of Life. Have you ever noticed when something “good” happens in your life, how your “mind” can sometimes intercede with a negative thought that pulls you way from your experience of Joy? It makes you wonder if the “mind” is really your friend.

             Wisdom Influences DNA
Our beliefs, attitudes, cultural backgrounds, including what we eat, breathe and speak all determine our environment. When our environment is toxic or if we perceive our life experiences in a negative way, our energy field is compromised. However, the opposite is
also true. When we live in a state of Love, Joy and Harmony perceiving our environment through the consciousness of our innate Wisdom, our reality will be
reflective of that state of being. Our perception directly effects the expression
of our DNA.


We were once considered victims of our DNA programming. However, it has now been proven through the groundbreaking research of Dr. Bruce Lipton, who pioneered the New Science of Epigenetics, that there are influences from outside of the cell wall that directly affect our health and vibrancy. Genes are the blueprints that structure our life. We act as the contractor, choosing from the perception of intellect or Heart Centeredness, how we experience our personal journey through life. Since everything is energy, the intention behind our choices activates vibrational signals within our energy field that regulate gene expression, governing our health and well being. This is empowering news for it
Brings to light our ability to affect our gene expressions and personal evolution
through Conscious Intention and Choice. Amazingly, we are at the threshold of witnessing the melding of Science and Divinity.
“The way we see life, the way we respond to life changes our genetics, our behavior and also affects the way we live in this world.”

-Cell Biologist and Visionary ~ Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

    The Hidden Messages In Water by Dr. Masuru Emoto in Perreault Magazine

The groundbreaking work of Dr. Masuru Emoto, which is revealed in his book The Hidden Messages In Water, shows us that the vibrational energy of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, especially the frequency of the Love expressed through the sound of laughter, affects the molecular structure of water. The significance of Dr. Emoto’s discoveries becomes clear when we are brought to the awareness that the human body is approximately 90% water, considering the intercellular portion. His work proved that our energy field surrounding every cell in our body is modified by the vibrational frequencies from our environment and consciousness. The more positive, loving and compassionate we become, the higher the degree of coherence is exhibited in the brilliant, complex and colorful snowflake patterns of the water crystals. It is remarkable that our own DNA expression, that controls how the body experiences disease or Well-Being, can simply be reprogrammed through the Joy of Laughter. The very concept of our DNA being influenced by the frequencies of a sound is premised on the understanding that the fabric of the Universe is vibrational.

For more information about Human Energy Field and DNA Please refer Brigitte Perreault : http://www/

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