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 Epigenetics  “The Theater of Empowerment” - By Mana TrinkJuly 2016

We emerge into a world that reflects our consciousness, in a way that is only unique to ourselves.  It’s our personal story, one that is co-inspired; an Academy Award epic of Self–Recognition and Empowerment.

The exquisite state of balance in which we can navigate throughout our journey is from the culmination of the full spectrum of our life experiences.  Embodying the highest loving intent in each moment of every experience puts us in the director’s chair of our life drama.  The ability to direct our script at our highest potential is a test on a moment-to-moment basis.  The emergence as a “Star” in our “Divine Play,” in the highest sense in terms of inner growth and self-mastery, is the purpose of our unfolding story.  The characters we play, empowered by the choices emanating from the Wisdom and Love that resides within, leads us to the unconditional gift of wholeness and to a destination that was always our “Home.”

The theater and stage in which we are now standing is illuminated by the remarkable new research of the Science of Epigenetics, pioneered by Bruce Lipton Ph.D., renowned cell biologist.   The New Science has confirmed that our radiance, vitality and well-being are beyond the century old model of genetic determinism and is being replaced with the new model of Epigenetics.

 Epigenetic science strongly upholds the belief that our world of perception is illusory, always changing and based on interpretation.  It is in this land of illusion that we judge and view ourselves in relationship to our experiences.  Perception is a major factor that influences our DNA expression and calls for a complete re-evaluation of life.  It is a function of the brain and therefore represents a limit on the awareness to what is Real.  Our perception, based on the interpretation of what’s happening, changes the frequencies of our morphogenetic energy field surrounding each cell.  What is Real always was and always is, and will always be.  It is changeless throughout eternity.  Through the minds perception you see only illusions, which you believe are real.  It is the world of time, of change, of beginnings and endings. However, when you look through the eyes of the Heart you will find there is only Love.  It is permanent, eternal, and finite.  It sometimes can be difficult to recognize, but it is always present.  Love applies to everything that the Universe created and “only what was created in Love is Real.”  It is the most nourishing of all vibrations, the Highlight of your story and the expression of your DNA.

DNA -  Blueprints for Living Life
According to Dr. Lipton, epigenetic influences are the energy signals that originate from above or on top of the cell membrane.  The membrane receives the data from the morphogenetic energy fields that surround the cell and transmits the encoded vibrational information to our DNA, which resides in the nucleus of the cell.  Our DNA, specifically the 25,000 genes identified by the Human Genome Project, is regarded as the blueprints for the human body, instructing our genes what to do and where and when to do it.  The epigenetic switches and markers that are activated by our perceptions and governed by the selected blueprints help “switch on” or “switch off” the expression of specific genes.  The sequence of the DNA remains the same; it is the expression of that gene that transmits functional instructions that changes.

Perception Is The Ticket
Our performance in the theater of life, when rooted in the embodiment of Wisdom, reflects our thoughts and vibrational energy patterns.  Therefore, the informational signals you project onto any moment or situation sets into motion what blueprints will be selected and read by our DNA.  Our perceptions, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, the way we speak, as well as the air we breathe, the food we eat or beverages consumed, affect our gene expression, the instructions they send to our cells.  Research has also confirmed that future generations, through cellular inheritance, can also experience those same vibrational influences.  Therefore, The Science tells us that in every perception lies a potential of great magnitude.  All that is required to be the “star,” in the story you have written for yourself, is to focus utterly and completely in a perception of how you would like to have it take place. Perception is the ticket to your Academy Award Celebration.

The Science of Epigenetics traces the vibrational signals that originate from outside of the cell, back to its origins.  It looks for the energy flow that causes the DNA blueprint to activate a particular pattern, the driving force behind the way it expresses itself.

Stress bathes our cells in adrenalin, cortisol and other hormones that are all directly responsible for up to 90% of our illnesses, impairing the health of our bodies and our performance in our life story.   Love bathes our cells in dopamine and oxytocin, considered to be the “happy hormones” and are responsible for our vitality and well-being.   Our response to the environment around us has the potential to either surround our cell membranes in fear-based or crisis messages that transmit low-density energy or high-frequency nurturing /loving vibrations that embrace and support our radiance and Spirit.

Miraculous Conception
At our current level of consciousness on this planet of duality, our world is striving to move ahead in its quest to finding Harmony, Balance and Oneness.  What is truly amazing is the physical worlds acknowledgement of the importance of Epigenetics and miraculously making Spirituality its partner.  The uniting of science with the Wisdom of the Universe brings forth the knowledge of ‘self’, which by definition, translates as ‘self-empowerment’ and is fundamental in advancing human evolution.

Our Essence is Vibrational.
Einstein, Tesla, and the science of quantum physics have shown us that the fabric of the Universe is composed of vibrational strings expressed as energy.  Every single cell and organ system, as well as our entire physical body, is encompassed and surrounded by its own individual energy field.  The basis of every state of mind and matter, including conditions of disease or health, is their primary state of vibration. Therefore, the very life we live is a reflection of our own vibrational essence and the creative force in the unfolding story of our lives.  We have the opportunity to observe each thought through the eyes of the story-telling ego-mind or from the Love and Empowerment of the Heart.  It is these individual choices, based on our degree of consciousness, that plays a role and influences the expression of our DNA.

The “One” Person Show
All the masks we have ever worn and all the posturing we have demonstrated in all the stories we played on the grand stage of Ascension, significantly shifts the perfection that occurs within who we are.  However, we can still remain hidden, behind the curtain.  For it’s other than important be seen, heard or known.  The recognition we hope to receive for our performances will be coming from somewhere other than “out there.”  Both the audience and all the future characters of our “One” Person Show are all within. The only one that needs to applaud is you.

In The Absence Of The illusion You Find Empowerment”

I welcome your questions and comments.

Steven “Mana” Trink
Epigenetic Therapist
(310) 387-9233

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