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"Le Ricette di mia nonna" (My grand-mother Recipes) - by Giuliana Campana

JULY 2016

By performing researches on culinary Swiss cuisine, I discovered the book of Giuliana Campana "Le Ricette di mia nonna" (My grand-mother Recipes) that not only defines the cuisine of the Italian Swiss but also describes how to use medicinal herbs in the kitchen. This book caught my attention because it brings to Brigitte Perreault Magazine a twist describing at the same time health with the kitchen.

Giuliana Campana, author of "The recipes of my grandmother" (published by Armando Dadò Editore, Locarno) is a creative and determined person.

After working as an executive secretary then in events organization, Giuliana felt the need to change her life.

Always hesitant about the path to follow, one day, in the cave of her family home situated in Ticino (Switzerland), in an old wardrobe, Giuliana found the diaries of her grandmother Pierina.

Reading the diary of her grandmother, all Giuliana childhood scents arose from her memory as lavender, peppermint, rose.

Giuliana explains that she has not only discovered Pierina’s diary but a serie of books written by her grandmother, born in 1910 who recorded in writing all events of her life from 1927 until eighties.

Read my grandmother’s memories wasn’t easy because Pierina who lived two wars described her suffering and problems.

Her diaries contained her songs, her poems, her recipes and her advice to use the secret properties of plants.

Pierina was a great connoisseur of herbs to cook, to clean the house and to heal the sick.

By dint of her grandmother’s words written and her childhood memories spent with her, Giuliana found her way: she studied herbal medicine, aromatherapy and phytotherapy and she specialized in cosmetic products natural.

During her studies, Giuliana realized that many times her grandmother created games for her in order to let her play to recognize odors and to use the power of herbs and essential oils.

Now Giuliana has three activities all related to the care of the body through natural methods.

I tried to gather the memories of recipes from my grandmother Pierina to share them with everyone.

The book is divided into three parts:

1) An index of herbs and plants for cooking and health

2) Cooking recipes

3) Essential oils and methods for use

Thanks to the success of the first book of Giuliana, her publisher asked her to write the second book and her publisher schedules other works in order to publish an encyclopedia of traditional natural recipes of Swiss italian but also in other regions of the world.


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