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Mysteries of the Heart as Posted in Perreault Magazine

Researchers have found evidence that this electromagnetic field, generated by each heartbeat, is united to a field of information beyond the limits of the mind and is referred to as Divine Intelligence. This energy field plays a significant role in our mental, emotional and physical processes, thus having a direct effect on our Vitality.

The Mind Body Connection Is Made Through The Heart:

The stories and thoughts the mind weaves and the “Feelings” experienced from the Heart, give form and substance to the physical reality we experience as life. The energy emanating from the Heart, has the greatest influence and impact. Research at the Institute of Heart Math shows that information pertaining to a person’s emotional state is also communicated through out the body via the Heart’s electromagnetic field and operates just below our conscious awareness.
Humans are the only species who can consciously use their Heart-Mind-DNA Coherence, a scientifically validated state in which your Heart and brain are energetically aligned and cooperating with one another to transform the nature of our life experience from fear based
to Love-based. Care, compassion and love are transmitted through out an individual’s body as the cardio-electromagnetic field radiates through it. This same energy is also transferred externally to people in close proximity and even over long distance. We touch one another physically, emotionally and through the energy field of the Heart. The quality of our awareness makes a difference in our health and in the lives of those we touch.

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