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Check Heart Coherence In Perreault Magazine

It is believed that the energetic Heart functions as a “receiving station” through which sincere Heart–based feelings consistent to Love, Trust, Compassion and Joy create a “Heart Coherence”, a high frequency energy field; a beneficial state of mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony.

This field of resonance transmits energy and information to every cell in the body and embraces everything else within the field. The “Coherent Heart Field” is composed of Wave lengths of peaks and valleys that are symmetrical and communicate more effectively with our brain and body. The Coherence Technique, outlined below, offers a way to communicate with your Heart and connect to your Intuition. The unfolding story of life affords us the opportunity to practice and integrate the insights and wisdoms (gifts) found within each experience we have in life. We have a choice.

Continue to breathe through the area of your heart.
– After you do these simple steps, ask your Heart if you could access your intuition more consistently and how would it influence your life? Write down your answers to help chart your progress.
– Practice asking your Heart for guidance. Calm the mind and emotions and listen for the first thoughts that come to you that feel right. Write them down.

For more information about Heart Coherence :Please refer this link:

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