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EARTHJUSTICE Because The Earth Needs a Good Lawyer - Perreault Magazine

 Perreault Magazine

“Earthjustice was created by a small group of attorneys with a passionate belief that the power of the law could be used to preserve the environment. They helped establish the right of citizens to go to court to enforce environmental laws when the government couldn’t or wouldn’t.”

– Trip Van Noppen,

            Earthjustice President

Earthjustice  is the nation’s premiere

environmental law organization, built on the belief that we all have the right to a healthy environment.

 Since its founding in 1971, Earthjustice has defended that right by using the law to hold polluters accountable and to fight for the earth and its inhabitants.


I urge people to get involved in whatever way they can, but there are three things that people can do right now to help fight for a healthy environment.

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