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CLEAN WATER CAMPAIGN in Perreault Magazine by Brigitte Perreault

 Perreault Magazine

“Dad once said to me, that should he pass away, if there was some way of letting me know he was going to be ok – that we were all going to be ok – the message would come to me in the form of a White Feather. Then something happened to me, whilst on tour with the album, Photograph Smile, in Australia. I was presented with a White Feather by an Aboriginal tribal elder, from The Mirning people, which definitely took my breath away.

 The White Feather Foundation was created for the purpose of giving a voice and support to those who cannot be heard. The tribal elders asked for my help, as I could bring awareness to their plight and to others who were suffering the same. Having had the White Feather bestowed upon me, I knew this endeavor was to be part of my destiny. One thing for sure is that the White Feather has always represented peace to me,

as well as communication…”

 ~ Julian Lennon, 2009

 Julian Lennon is deeply devoted to raising awareness about what people in other countries have to go through every day, not being able to lead normal lives due to lack of food, clean water and other basic essentials. In 2007, Julian decided to start his own foundation grounded on the white feather symbol.

The White Feather Foundation (WFF), with the help of Julian Lennon, has created a ‘Clean Water Campaign’ (see and is helping to provide life essentials such as: clean water, sanitary conditions, food and medicines, followed by environmental actions in areas affected by pollution. Since its conception, The White Feather Foundation has conducted hundreds of projects in Kenya, Peru, Amazon Basin, Gambia, Sri Lanka and environmental projects in England.

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