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Check Dope Den’s “Free Downloads” Playlist

Dope Den’s “Free Downloads” Playlist.

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MUSIC Opinion Editorial:

Electronic Dance Music has been around for a long time, a lot longer than most people think actually. Pretty much from disco onward dance music has been electronically produced and driven by DJs who perform it by mixing songs or “tracks” together. Sometimes three or four at a time if you are really kick ass.
Ever since Larry Levan decided to put two records together to create a seamless dancefloor journey at NYC’s Paradise Garage, we have been under the spell of this music with repetitive beats.
As disco fractured into many different things, including house, electronic music as we know it now really started to take shape. It was all about the music grabbing you and pushing you to keep grooving until you just couldn’t do it anymore.
The original article in its entiriety here; Has EDM Mixed Itself Into A Gimmick
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