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2016 Human Dignity Award Goes to Brigitte Perreault

PTV Volunteer of the Year

Los Angeles, CA (September 24, 2016) – The Human Dignity Award has been awarded to Brigitte Perreault at the 6th Annual Human Dignity Awards Dinner. Brigitte Perreault is the Founder, Publisher, and Editor-In-Chief of PERREAULT Magazine, which has rapidly become a global platform for social justice, advocacy and education. The Magazine covers humanitarian causes, shares global campaigns, educate on environmental issues, wildlife & ocean conservancy, as well as global health.

For the past decade, Brigitte Perreault has been invaluable to PTV [Program for Torture Victims]. Program for Torture Victims is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California - PTV rebuilds the lives of torture survivors from over 70 countries who have stood up for freedom, equality, and human dignity.

A native French speaker, Brigitte's tenure at PTV began as an interpreter but quickly expanded to advocating for clients, coordinating client events, and serving as an ambassador for PTV in the community. In addition to translation services, Brigitte's natural warmth, kindness, and empathy provided comfort to clients as they embarked on their new chapter in America after surviving devastating trauma and losses in their home countries. Brigitte was deeply touched and impacted by PTV’s clients. She bore witness to their heartbreaking experiences and played a critical role in their care team as they began the slow process of healing and rehabilitation. Brigitte's experiences at PTV inspired her to build a global educational platform for social justice advocacy. In 2011, Brigitte founded the Humanitarian Art Project. An organization devoted to helping non-profit organizations receive funding through art sales. In 2014, Brigitte launched her publication company; PERREAULT Magazine, a digital platform to educate and advocate for a number of global social justice issues, including the end of state-sponsored torture, wildlife protection and other environmental causes. Brigitte recently expanded her publishing company into creating and publishing digital magazines for other organizations and corporations.

A role model, in 2012, her leadership and efforts with refugees and survivors of state-sponsored torture was recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who.

About Brigitte Perreault

Brigitte Perreault is from Montreal, Quebec and resides in Los Angeles, California. She is the founder of the world’s leading magazine - PERREAULT Magazine. The Magazine is currently in 68 Countries with a readership of 300,000 and has partnered with organizations such as United Nations Foundation, Oceana, Dr. Sylvia Earle (Mission Blue), Capt. Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd), Carlos Santana (Milagro Foundation), Rock Against Trafficking (R.A.T.), UCLA Center for World Health, War Child USA, Earth Guardians, ConnectHer, Justice Rapid Response, ArtCop21 and World Central Kitchen.

For additional information, visit the official website or for the digital magazine.

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