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The Epigenetics of Heartfulness

The Step Beyond Mindfulness
During our usual daily, activity much of our precious time is dwelling in the past or projecting our fears into the future. However, when we rest our mind in a state of non-thought, while embracing our intentions rooted in Divine Consciousness, we are free of past deliberating stories or anxieties that are future based. In this sacred place of stillness and quietude, you can hear the whispers of the Heart gently guiding you in Wisdom and Love.

The Buddha culture has taught us to embrace mindfulness, a state of conscious Awareness to the present moment where we observe our thoughts and feelings from a distance, absent from judgment. This practice, that employs the mind, paves the way for the next step in your path to the awakening to a new reality, one that lies beyond the mind….Heartfulness.    

World Of Frequency
Albert Einstein believed we are “Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational Universe and our world as we experience it, is actually a world of Frequency.” Nikola Tesla, renowned electrical engineer, physicist, and visionary declared: “If you wish to understand the Universe, think Energy, Frequency and Vibration”.

The Universe in its Divine Consciousness holds the plans and holds the intelligence of Creation. All of life is connected to this creative energy.  The information encoded in its vibrational state, is supportive to living in Harmony, Balance and Alignment with the frequency of Love.

Shaping our Biology and our Behavior
The basis for virtually all our physical health conditions is energy related. Our research into this emerging realm of vibrational medicine has exploded into the new “Science of Epigenetics.” The information being gathered encourages us to abandon obsolete beliefs that we are victims of predetermined genetic codes and explains how perceptions of our inner and outer environments shape our biology and our behavior making us co-creators of our own lives.

“Epi” implies energy signals that are above or outside of the cell membrane. “Genetics” pertains to the DNA in the nucleus, the library of blueprints, which is found inside of each living organism or individual cell.  Therefore the Science of Epigenetics involves the study of external and internal environmental influences, from above or outside the gene, that effect our DNA expression. The scientific research lies in tracing the energy signal back to its origin. These informational signals, generated by our external surroundings and our inner state of consciousness, play an important role in the communication of instructional information and activation of our DNA, influencing the design of our human body, how it develops and its functions.

Life Is a Vibrational Essence
The basis of every state of mind and matter, including conditions of disease or health, is their primary state of vibration. Therefore, the very life we live is a reflection of our own vibrational essence. We are the creative force in the unfolding story of our journey. Our world as we embark upon it now, is filled with higher consciousness and vibrational frequencies that strengthen the manifestation of our highest potential.

Heartfulness Effects Molecular Changes
A groundbreaking discovery in December of 2013, by a collaborative team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied the results of the experience of being in the Consciousness of Joy and its effect on the cells of our bodies. The data published by The International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology, became the first reported evidence of specific molecular changes that influenced the expression of our DNA, initiated by “Heartfulness.” Epigenetics pioneer Dr. Bruce Lipton and his renowned work on genetic expression supports this finding.

Consciousness of The Heart
It is evident that the lower frequency levels associated with our negative thoughts, beliefs and subconscious programs, compromise our immune system and the quality and vibrancy of your life.  However, when you are focused from a vantage point of Trusting, Allowing, Compassion, Joy, Harmony, Passion or Love, which are all higher levels of frequency, you are in alignment with “Heartfulness.”  Physician and best-selling author Dr. Deepak Chopra educates us that when we are in the Consciousness of the Heart we are actually sending vibrational signals to our genes and DNA.  These frequencies are healing and nurturing and transports information that contributes to our over all state of well -being.

Heartfulness is our Natural State of Consciousness

Heartfulness is Thriving
 David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. is an internationally recognized psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, and mystic. In his book, Power vs. Force, he describes levels of vibrational frequency and their relationship to our human behavior. His exploration reveals that our state of being translates into vibrational frequencies based on our level of “Heartfulness,” the consciousness and physical experience of Joy.  When we are in alignment with the harmony that is found in the quietude of the mind, we nourish our body and influence the expression of our DNA towards Wellness, Harmony and Thriving.

Ego Affects DNA
As a result of continuing scientific studies, it is now recognized how negative, fearful or ego driven thoughts and actions can transmit frequency signals that cause certain DNA strands to constrict and consequently to “switch off” beneficial functions.  Conversely, research showed us that the practice of being in the Blessed State of “Heartfulness” lengthens and relaxes DNA strands, “switching on” genes to communicate optimal and functional instructions to our cells, contributing to our overall state of well being.

Awareness is a Celebration
When our focus is in Heartfulness we find ourself observing the “Now”, the realm of a Consciousness where Wisdom and Truth reside and the Light from within our Heart illuminates our path. We participate in the unfolding adventure at our fullest potential, living in the moment of trust and allowing the process to unfold into a Life Full of Celebration. In this sacred space where Awareness is our guide, we observe our moment-to-moment experiences from a neutral observational viewpoint. It is a practice of witnessing our emotions, feelings and thoughts as they come and go.  Judgment ceases to exist. There is Zero to do, but only be “Present” to the moment.

Unity of the Moment
“Heartfulness” takes us into a much deeper connection with every aspect of our existence. We experience Miracles the instant we energetically detach from the illusionary stories created by our ego-mind and enter into the realm of Universal Knowledge and Wisdom.  At this level of perception we find ourselves experiencing a higher vibrational frequency associated with the unity of the moment and alignment to the flow of life.

Epigenetics Shapes Genetic Expression
Being in “Heartfulness” creates a key portal through which information originating in a higher dimensional structure, beyond the mind, is united into our physical human system affecting the expression of our DNA. The Institute of Heart Math in Boulder Creek, Colorado has shown that when we are in the state of consciousness that reflects the Heart and project it into our energy system through intent, the Epigenetic frequency nourishes our cells. The harmonizing effects of the higher vibrations associated with the frequency of Harmony, Peace, Trust, Joy or any other expression of Love on the cells of the body help shape our genetic expression moment by moment and catalyze DNA activation. Our richness, well-being and vibrancy are all reflections of our frequencies.

Living In the Moment
We are all active players creating a path to our own wellness. Our actions are the result of our choice of enacting our decisions as seen through the eyes of the ego or the surrendering of the minds illusionary stories to the Wisdom of the Heart. What really is amazing is that we can easily create an illness or enjoy vitality just by engaging in Heartfulness. Embodiment of the highest Loving intent in every “Moment” ensures you that you are the director of your Life Script.

“Our ability to experience the physical embracement of Love
is a gift the Soul gives itself.”
Steven “Mana” Trink
Epigenetic Therapist
(310) 387-9233