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JUNE | JULY 2015 Edition of Perreault Magazine Released.

In this June|July issue, we are delighted to feature William Stanley Merwin, an American poet born in 1927, credited with over fifty books of poetry and a multitude of accolades and awards, including the U.S. Poet Laureate in 2010 and two-times Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (2009 and 1971). We are sharing his story with you, as well as his wonderful palm forest conservancy named: TheMerwin Conservancy. For our Art Section, we are showcasing an adoptee of Ansel Adams, Marion Patterson, and her Grain Of Sand photography. Her passion lies in photographing the world above and beneath the surface of the oceans.
In collaboration with the Duke Global Health Institute, we are excited to launch and share ongoing important news about Global Health. DGHI’s education, research, and capacity-building initiatives are built on a network of partnerships with institutions around the world.
Also new – launched last month - our Eco-Store! You will find a selection of fair trade, cause-conscious, eco, recycled and upcycledproducts.
As our mission continues, we are inviting you to take action and support a cause, support environmental education, reduce your energy consumption and incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. You may create your own movement, or join a movement and take action. We must remember that it begins with each one of us, individually. Only then can we have the power of growth and effectiveness. A unique effort can indeed lead to a global success.
Share your discoveries, share your knowledge.
I am inspired. I hope you are too!

On a separate note, the devastating earthquakes in Nepal were felt across the world, and in our hearts. We hope the Nepali people are receiving the help they need and are recovering well. Should you wish to help, click here.

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