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Author Brigitte Perreault of Perreault Magazine

Award-winning Activist for Humanitarian & Environmental Causes, Brigitte is also an Author, Art Curator, and Publisher. Her efforts with refugees and survivors of state sponsored torture has been recognized by 'Worldwide Who's Who.

She is the Founder of Humanitarian Art Project, a unique platform devoted to help non-profit organizations receive funding through Art. In 2013, Brigitte published her first book titled 'Why is the sky blue?', a scientific book with an important environmental message. Her book is used for classroom projects and sold in Science Museums. She believes in being a good steward for humanity and for the environment. "We all have a voice and our signatures count. Together we are creating a new culture. A culture of digital activism and conscious content." Brigitte serves as a Leadership Member for the Global Symposium on Child Permanency & International Adoption. The First Symposium was held at Harvard in November 2014.

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